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Legal mentions

The name and domain www.europcar.ma are the property of Europcar International

Publishing company :

Registered company name: MARLOC s.a. EUROPCAR
Company structure: Public Limited Company PLC.
Capital : 20.000.000 MAD
R.C. : 4659 Marrakech
Company headquarters: 63, Boulevard Zerktouni, Marrakech
General Management, Central Reservations Office: 42, Avenue des Forces Armées Royales, 20000 Casablanca
E-mail :

Development of the Europcar.ma web site:

Registered company name : Abweb
Company structure: Limited Liability Company LLC
Casablanca Technopark, 3ème étage, bureau 382
Web site : Abweb.ma

Hosting of the Europcar.ma web site :

Registered company name : NPONE
Company structure : SARL
R.C. : 184927
Company headquarters : 2, Rue Laghrari Hmida (ex Celli), Derb Omar, 20100 Casablanca
Telephone number : 05 20 046 01 10 ou 05 20 46 01 12

General Terms and Conditions of Use of the Site

The User acknowledges to having read and understood these terms and conditions and undertakes to respect them.

  • Technical Information

    Internet Security :

    The User acknowledges having the necessary competence and means to access and to use the site.

    He/she also acknowledges having taken all appropriate measures to protect his/her own data and/or software from infection by possible viruses circulating around the Internet, and takes whole responsibility for the use of the website.

    Europcar implements everything in order to offer its users any available and verified information and/or tools but is not liable for the mistakes, absence of availability of information and/or viruses present in the website.

    Cookies :

    Europcar collects information about the User’s computer for the purpose of improving the effectiveness of site content and for assessing traffic and frequency of visits to the site. This data allows Europcar to improve the quality of the User’s visit by streamlining his/her ability to navigate the site and developing featured programmes and content that will be of interest to our members and site visitors.

    Europcar uses three types of cookies :

    - Session cookies: These are used to track the User's progression through the site in a single visit. They are required for the site to function but are not used in any way to identify the User personally. Session cookies are temporary and are automatically deleted once the User leaves Europcar.ma.

    - Persistent cookies: These are used to identify the users between visits. They are not required for the site to work but may enhance the User's experience. Europcare does not collect any personal data in these cookies, just a unique number that identifies you as one of our customers. Persistent cookies remain on the User’s computer hard drive until he/she deletes them.

    - Third party cookies: You may have noticed that we carry advertising from third parties on our site. Occasionally these adverts may send you a cookie. We have no control over these.

  • Personal Details

    Consultation of the https://www.europcar.ma web site is done freely and the User is no way forced to reveal his/her identity or any information regarding him/her.

    The data regarding our visitors memorised in this Internet web site are treated confidentially. They can be used for purposes of marketing, analysis, customer profile creation and direct mailing.

    In order to protect the privacy and security of the Users' personal information, Europcar takes all the necessary measures to verify his/her identity before authorising or carrying out the requested corrections.

  • Intellectual property

    Copyright :

    The copyright and intellectual property of the Europcar.ma website and all its contents remain the property of Europcar. The material contained within the Europcar website is the property of Europcar unless identified as belonging to third parties. The name Europcar and any other Europcar trademarks, logos and graphics displayed on the Europcar.ma web site are registered trademarks of Europcar or its affiliates. Other company and product or service names displayed on the website are trademarks of their respective owners.

    The User is not granted any right or licence to use any trademarks and therefore agrees not to modify, rent, lease, loan, distribute or create any derivative works based on the content of the Europcar.ma web site and/or the products and services offered on Europcar.ma web site in whole or in part.

    Reproduction or representation, in part or in full, of the pages, information or any other element that constitutes the web site, by any means or on any support, is prohibited and constitutes, without the editor or publishing company's consent, forgery.

    Only copies reproduced for information purposes and exclusively for strictly private use are authorised.

    Hyperlinks :

    The use of hypertext links to the "https://www.europcar.ma" web site is subject to previous agreement by MARLOC s.a EUROPCAR MAROC

    Europcar will be in no case liable for those hypertext links created from the "https://www.europcar.ma" web site and directing to other websites, whatever the contents, products or services available on those web sites or from them.

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