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Long term rental:
Instructions for use

Long-term rental (LLD): We provide you with the new vehicle of your choice (passenger car or utility vehicle) without any brand or model restriction, for a contract duration that can go from 12 to 60 months.

For a fixed and guaranteed monthly rent during the whole duration of the contract, we take care of the maintenance, the repairs, the replacement of the rented vehicle in the event of immobilization, of the insurances, vignette, and other administrative documents.


What is the difference between the LLD and the Leasing?

While leasing does not include any fleet management services, long-term leasing ensures that your file is fully managed and followed up from the moment the vehicle is put on the road until it is returned.

Long-term leasing preserves financing capacity and allows for attractive tax deductibility.

Europcar Services: Long-term leasing

Have your new vehicle at the best purchase conditions on the market, for a duration and mileage defined in advance in a contract, in exchange for the payment of a fixed monthly rent.

With a long-term lease, you outsource the management of your current vehicle fleet and free up additional resources for your company..

The leasing company takes care of maintenance, repairs, replacement of the leased vehicle in case of immobilization, insurance, vignette, and other administrative documents.

The leasing ensures you a management, a complete follow-up and a regular reporting of your vehicle from the start to the return of your vehicle at the end of the contract.

Leasing is the best economic solution, adopted by a majority of multinational companies and more and more by SMEs. It guarantees reliable forecasts of your fleet's expenses and better cost control.


Customer Relations Center

Europcar Morocco provides you with a professional team dedicated to your needs, ready to handle all your requests.

We are committed to maintaining international service quality standards in terms of responsiveness and speed.

Our customer relations center works with all the departments of our company in order to offer you better support and respond effectively to your needs.


+212 522 60 61 40 | crc@europcar.ma

Marloc Assistance

+212 522 45 78 00

Central technical platform :

+212 522 60 61 40 | +212 522 60 61 41

The advantages of leasing


No more worries about reselling used vehicles in your fleet

Your vehicles are always in good condition

Your users are satisfied


Lease payments are treated as overheads in accordance with current tax regulations.

No capital immobilization

Your automobile budget is well controlled (no additional expenses)

Your expenses are irreproachable and justifiable by monthly invoices A better management of your cash flow

A better management order

Simplified accounting

Optimization of the use

Fleet statement provided each month

Simplified reimbursement of allowances

A single contact person

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